May '24: A very important pitch ...

The B-COS team had the opportunity to pitch for the UGent entrepreneurial network!

Stay tuned for more news!


May '24: Knowledge for growth!

Chiara Guidi joined the 20th edition of KFG in the city of Antwerp, focused on biotech. She pitched the pre-spin-off project B-COS for a panel of investors and agrifood stakeholders during the Agrifood Investor Pitch event, co-organised by and biotope by VIB.

Two days full of innovation, open discussions and networking! We learned that biotech did and will further shape the future path towards a sustainable and circular economy, however important regulatory steps and actions in Europe are needed to actually allow these innovations to reach the market.

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May '24: CBM15 in Ghent!

🤓 Sparking the research in researchentrepreneurship!

The last couple of days, we had the opportunity to showcase our collaborative work during the 15th meeting of Carbohydrate Bioengineering, beautifully organized by CSB – Centre for Synthetic Biology in de Bijloke, Ghent. This work covers ‘The sustainable conversion of mushroom chitin-rich waste into valuable biobased chitooligosaccharides using a combined approach of biocatalysis and precision fermentation’. Very important and innovative research in the path towards a circular and sustainable biobased economy!

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April '24: Tech Tour Circular!

📢 Our first Tech Tour Circular edition!

Thanks to the organizing committee, selection panel and Tech Tour Circular partners for having us and giving us the opportunity to pitch B-COS to all those investors, entrepreneurs and relevant stakeholders in the room. The Ghent city town hall and St Peter’s Abbey were the perfect locations for this event, bringing together 40 highly innovative start-ups and scale-ups in the field of circular (bio)economy!

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March '24: Crop Innovation & Business!

📢 Pitching B-COS to the CROP innovation & business community!

Thrilled to have been part of this wonderful conference in the heart of Ghent this week! Thanks to the organizing committee, Leon Mur and Miranda de Regt for giving us this platform to present B-COS and our endeavours in the crop protection sector!

Looking forward to future events!


March '24: Hello Tomorrow!

What an amazing Hello Tomorrow edition and our first edition as deep tech pioneers! We really enjoyed the last couple of days at the global summit and investor day. We are fueled with new ideas, new insights and a lot of valuable do’s & dont’s in the deeptech space.

A couple of take-home messages:
– Validate, validate, validate!
– Do not innovate to recreate
– Never, never give up!